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Situated on a meander of the Dropt, a peacefully-flowing river which for a long time was the thorouglifare of gabares (barges), the small medieval town of EYMET, founded in 1270, is ideally sited at the crossing point between regions of different and complementary landscapes, architectures and economic activities: Haut Agenais, Entre Deux Mers and le Pays de Duras... and to the north, the Bergerac region with fortified villages and sun-drenched vineyards.


Prizewinner of the Station Bastide competition, benefitting from the support of the European Community; the French State, the Aquitaine Region and the Departtnent of Dordogne, the commune of EYMET has been undergoing a facelift for several years now and also boasts an efficient tourist infrastructure service.

Entirely renovated, the Place de la Bastide is the living hub and shopping centre of the town. What finer place to meet your friends or just simply stroll around than under the arcades with the fountain and pedestrian zone to take in all the architectural beauty around.
One of these superb 14th and l5th C. buildings has become the Tourist Office. Open throughout the year, it provides you with alI the information you need to discover the region of EYMET, including accommodation, restaurants, local produce, numerous leisure activities, attractions, trekking and tourist itineraries.
Also recently restored, the towers of the medieval castle are of particular architectural interest. As for the building of typical Perigord style in the castle courtyard, three floors house diverse and often surprising collections of the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions.
Completely restructured in 1993, the municipal 2-star camp site is situated in a particularly quiet and welcoming area, between the castle and the Dropt, a stone's throw away from the Bastide.

To really get away from it all, visit the Bretousite, near to the Vacation Village and the sports facilities. This 20-acre landscaped park offers in particalar a health & fitness course along the Dropt river; accesed via a romanesque bridge and featuring a golf practice area.

The former convent has become a library; a mediatheque, a mini-theatre and leisure centre...

But this medieval town and its surroundings already have their eyes firmly fixed on the future.

Superb stonework and an unspoilt natural environment, sun, verdant vegetation and the peaceful banks of the Dropt...


Also a warm welcome and local produce of quality.... Guided tour of the fortified village, a chai (wine-cellar & storehouse), livestock rearer...

Pleasant accommodation in a small hotel, a country gite or furnished tourist accommodation... Perigord gastronomy in one of its town restaurants or local farm inns...

In Eymet and its vicinity; horizons are boundless! But, first and foremost, make acquaintance with the locals who will be only too pleased to reveal the charrn and the subtelty of this very special region.


TOURIST OFFICE * tel: 05 53 23 74 95 fax: 05 53 27 98 76 

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